Patient's Responsibilities

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As a patient, it is your responsibility to:

1. Provide then Admitting Office / Emergency Room with all the information necessary for documentation and to determine your eligibility or to bill insurance companies;

2. Provide the health care personnel in attendance with accurate, complete information regarding your medical and family history, medication regimen, allergies, surgical history, or any information relevant to your condition;

3. Make known whether or not you have completely understood the diagnosis, treatment plan, the follow up instruction, medication regimen, etc;

4. Follow the physician's recommendation for further care, diet, tests or medications, etc;

5. Accept consequences for refusing treatment or not following instructions;

6. Report any changes in your condition to the health care provider;

7. Respect the rights of other patients especially in the control of noise and limiting visitors;

8. Respect hospital property;

9. Comply with the policies and regulations of OLLH and pay all financial obligations rendered by both the hospital and your doctors.