Admission & Discharge Guide

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Admitting Order/Slip
The patient or his/her responsible party secures an admitting order from the Attending Doctor or an admission slip from the Emergency Department (ER).
  • Direct or Non-Emergency Admission
    The patient will be requested to present his/her doctor's admitting order slip indicating specific instructions necessary for the patient's case. In the absence of the doctor's admitting order slip, the patient is directed and referred to the Emergency Room (ER) for medical assessment.
  • Emergency Admission
    All urgent admissions are facilitated and arranged in the Emergency Room. The ER Resident on Duty (ROD) will ask the patient for his/her personal doctor. ER ROD may only assign an attending doctor if the patient does not have a doctor of choice.
Consent Forms
The patient or his/her responsible party sign/s consent forms for hospital care (e.g. Agreement for Admission and Hospital Care and Data Processing Consent Form).
Patient Information
The patient or his/her responsible party accomplishes and signs the Patient Data Sheet and presents the following at the Admitting Department:
  1. Government issued identification cards
    1. PhilHealth ID
    2. PWD / Senior ID
    3. UMID / Passport / Driver's License
  2. For non-emergency or direct admission under Company or HMO account
    1. HMO or Insurance Card
    2. Letter of Authorization (LOA)
Admission Guidelines
The Admitting Staff discusses the hospital admission guidelines. Thereafter, the patient or his/her responsible party signs off the Admitting checklist.
The patient will be provided with the Patient's Rights and Responsibilities booklet and admitting kit.
Patient Identification Tag
All admitted patients are given identification tags. It contains the patient's full name, date of birth, and patient identification number (PIN). The wrist tag must be worn throughout the entire hospital stay.
Initial Deposit
For non-emergency cases, the initial deposit is required to be settled upon admission. In case of emergency admission, the initial deposit may be made as soon as the patient is stabilized.
Patients with Company or HMO coverage may no longer be required to give the initial deposit depending on the limit specified in the Letter of Authorization (LOA).
Discharge Order
  1. The patient shall not be discharged without the signed order from his / her Attending Doctor(s).
  2. The Nurse on Duty (NOD) :
    1. Facilitates the doctor's discharge order;
    2. Advises the patient or his/her responsible party regarding the discharge order; and
    3. Coordinates the order with other departments and submits discharge clearance to the Billing Department.
Processing of Final Bill
  1. The Billing Department processes the Final Statement of Account upon receipt of the discharge clearance.
  2. The patient or his/her responsible party will be requested to submit the duly accomplished PhilHealth forms and documents to avail the PhilHealth deduction.
  3. The patient's PWD or Senior Citizen (or any government issued) ID should be presented for discount availment.
  4. Patients under Corporate or HMO accounts are required to submit the Letter of Authorization before discharge.
Issuance of Discharge Slip
  1. The Billing Department advises the patient or his/her responsible party to settle the bill at the Cashier.
  2. The Cashier issues the Official receipt and gate pass (yellow and pink slip) upon payment.
Discharge Instruction
  1. The patient or his/her responsible party presents the gate pass (pink and yellow slip) to the Nursing Unit.
  2. The NOD discusses the discharge instructions to the patient or his/her responsible party. The patient will be assisted as he/she leaves the hospital.