Mission, Vision & Core Values

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46 P. Sanchez Street, Brgy 606, Manila City, Metro Manila 1016

Our Vision

We are the standard of service excellence, our contribution to the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

A Christ-centered Community of professional healthcare providers promoting holistic healing.

Core Values

Team Spirit

People are the organization's moving force, where every individual is an intrinsic part of the whole, and the whole is a sum of everyone's valuable contribution to the team.


As a Christ-centered community, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital stands uncompromising for the highest moral principles of honesty, uprightness, and virtue.


As Medical and administrative practitioners, we abide by the ethical standards of our respective professions: exercising courtesy to all, conscientiously performing our duties, and conducting ourselves within the rules and regulations of the workplace.

Social Service

We believe that the Hospital should be a positive contributor to the general health and well-being of the community around it, ensuring that holistic services are within the reach of the different constituents it services.

Service Excellence

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital is committed to its pursuit of excellence, in all areas and aspects of its operations.

Quality Policy

Anchored on the strong values foundation of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (OLLH), we are committed to attain excellence in delivering Christ-centered high quality care and holistic healing of patients through compliance with regulatory requirements and the implementation of national and/or international healthcare quality standards.

We shall implement and continually improve our Quality Management System (QMS) to satisfy the unique needs of the organization as well as the requirements of the patients, relevant interested parties, and the regulatory and accreditation agencies.

As a tertiary training hospital, we shall ensure that all the medical and non-medical staff share the common strategic and operational objectives; improve patient experience; work hard to meet the expectations of the patients and their relatives; and gain their loyalty. We shall strive to be competent, compassionate, and caring human resource and ensure a safe work environment.