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Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (OLLH)

As history would have it, from an esteemed position of being one the country's leading hospitals Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital underwent serious challenges wrought by modernization and technological advances. New hospitals were built and contemporaries pulled away in upgrading facilities and equipment. As the hospital struggled with balancing its missionary service whilst competing in an arena of increasingly aggressive Health Institutions, it began to lose heavily in operations.

It was in this state of affairs on November 2010, that the SSpS community entered into a 20-year lease arrangement with the East Manila Hospital Managers Corp, a subsidiary of the Metro Pacific Investments Corp. The management contract stipulates that at the end of 20 years, the hospital will be returned to the missionary Sisters of the Order, Servants of the Holy Spirit (S.Sp.S.). Read more...

  Patients and families always come first at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital!   OLLH insures that our highly credentialed Professionals are available 24/7.    We make sure your stay is closest to home.

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