Q. 1. What are the available Out-Patient Services at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital? Are they open daily?

A. The following services are available at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital:

- Complete routine and special laboratory services

- Radiology procedures

- Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

- Cardio-Pulmonary

- EEG/Hearing

- Hemodialysis

- Oncology

- Eye Care

- Advanced & Therapeutic Endoscopy

Q. 2. How do I schedule an appointment?

A. For outpatient services, please dial 716-8001 to 716-8020 and request to be connected to the desired service with the following extension numbers:


  Patients and families always come first at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital!   OLLH insures that our highly credentialed Professionals are available 24/7.    We make sure your stay is closest to home.

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