I. What are the admitted patient's rights?

Patient's Rights

1. To receive total quality care.

2. To know the name of your attending physician, the names and functions of other physicians and healthcare personnel directly involved in your care.

3. To obtain from your physician complete current information about diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in easily understandable terms. Where it is not advisable/possible to provide you with this information, it will be given to your authorized representative (must at least be 18 years old).

4. To receive from your physician the information necessary to give inormed consent prior to the start of any procedure or treatment.

5. To refuse to participate in research; to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law; to be informed of the medical consequences of these actions including possible dismissal from the study and discharge from the institution. If discharge would jeopardize your health, you have the right to remain in the hospital until discharge or transfer is medically advisable.

6. To confidential treatment of your identity and/or your medical records, except as provided by law or third party contracts. (e.g. health insurance companies).

7. To express your spiritual beliefs and cultural practices that do not harm others or interfere with the medical care.

8. To medical and nursing services without discrimination.

9. To examine your hospital bills.

10. To chose your own physician, except when your HMO assigns the physician. However, a physician has the right to accept or refuse to be your doctor.

II. What are the admitted patient's responsibilities?

Patient's Responsibilities

1. To provide the Admitting Office/Emergency Room with all the information necessary for documentation and to determine your eligibility or to bill insurance companies.

2. To provide the health care personnel in attendance with accurate, complete information regarding your medical and family history, medication regimen, allergies, surgical history, or any information relevant to your condition.

3. To make known whether or not you have completely understood the diagnosis, treatment plan, the follow-up instructions, medication regimen, etc.

4. To follow the physician's recommendation for further care, diet, tests or medications, etc.

5. To accept the consequences for refusing treatment or not following instructions.

6. To report any changes in your condition to the health care provider.

7. To respect the rights of other patients especially in the control of notice and limiting visitors.

8. To respect hospital property.

9. To comply with the policies and regulations of OLLH and pay all financial obligations rendered by both the hospital and your doctors.

III. How to avail Philhealth benefits?

Philhealth Benefit Availment

1. Submit a properly and completely filled-up PhilHealth Claim Form 1 to the hospital and ensure that all the information you stated in the said form are true and factual.

2. Ensure that you properly and completely submit all the necessary documents to the hospital including a copy of your Member Data Record (MDR) to avail of PhilHealth benefits.

Clarify with providers (hospital/doctor), the appropriate and final benefits deducted

upon settlement of bills and charges.

3. Ask for a copy of your Statement of Account/Billing Statement from the hospital upon discharge.

4. Ask for an Official Receipt (OR) and Waiver from the hospital and doctor for payments made in full.

5. Ensure that your claim, if you opt for direct filing, is filed at PhilHealth within sixty (60) days from the date of discharge for local confinements, and within one hundred eighty (180) days for confinements abroad.

Source: Philhealth website

For inquiries, please proceed to

PhilHealth Office at the Billing Section located at the Ground floor, Main Hospital Building.

Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM | Monday to Sunday

Holidays: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

IV. What are the rules and regulations of OLLH?


1. Patient consent for Admission and Hospital Care must be signed by the patients or guardian.

2. Cut-off time for Room and Board charges is at 12:00 noon. Patients who are admitted for less than 24 hours should be charged one (1) day Room and Board only. Cut-off for discharge shall not be applied.

3. Submit your accomplished Philhealth Forms within 24 hours upon admission.

4. Guest Room Policy - once patient is transferred to a special unit, the patient's relative has to give up the room.

5. We do not advised children below seven (7) years old to visit confined patients at the hospital.

6. Visiting hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

7. No Smoking policy within hospital premises is implemented at OLLH.


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