The Department of Medicine received a renewal of its full accreditation status from the PCP from the period of January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2018. At present the chairman of the department is Dr. Alfredo Romeo Santos, the training officer is Dr. Jill Buensuceso and chief resident is Dr. Claire Tan. The residency training in the Department of Medicine is a three- year program. Presently, we have 18 residents- in- training (six 3rd years, six 2nd years, and six 1st years) who go on duty in teams of six, two seniors, two second years and two first years every 3 days.

At the end of their 1st year of residency, the resident is expected to interpret and analyze various data gathered through thorough history- taking, physical examination and laboratory procedures to arrive to a primary diagnosis in the most efficient manner, taking into consideration the comfort, risk, ethical and financial impact in the patient.

At the end of their 2nd year of residency, the resident is expected to gain expertise in the management of complicated and/or "subspecialty "diseases and disorders seen in Internal Medicine practice; particularly in the acute setting. He is expected to have rotated and perform procedures in different subspecialties of Internal Medicine. He is also expected to gain expertise in diagnosing and managing diseases in the emergency room setting.

At the end of their 3rd year of residency in Internal Medicine, the resident will be able to gain expertise in clinical problem solving and decision - making for patients with chronic diseases in Internal Medicine ambulatory practice and management of more complex problems in the critical setting. He will able to define the patterns of various common and uncommon diseases that need more serious management and be able to discuss both sides of controversial issues regarding treatment of these diseases. He will be capable in the supervision and teaching of junior trainees and exposure to administrative skills.

At the end of their residency in Internal Medicine, the resident will be capable of handling different patients outside the training with confidence on their diagnosis and management, taking into consideration the quality of care to patients.

Our objectives include preparing the residents for the Philippines Specialty Boards in Internal Medicine (PSBIM) diplomate examination, for them to be able to produce quality research papers and be qualified for a fellowship training program or begin their internal medicine practice.


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