Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital: 70 years & beyond

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital was founded by Dr. Carlos Casas on July 15, 1948 and co-managed by Dr. Basilio Valdes as Medical Director. Soon after, in post-war Manila, four nuns of the Servarum Spiritus Sancti (Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit) were asked to join the nursing services staff. It was not long after in November 1957 that the Missionary Sisters, bought the hospital from Dr. & Mrs. Casas. Then, as many of the illustrious members of society would attest, it was the premier hospital in Manila, with a sterling image that drew the elite as among the many patients admitted into its historic halls.

Our lady of Lourdes - Manila
The newly founded Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital during post-war Manila. It was owned then by Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Casas who invited General Basilio Valdes as its first Medical Director.

Our lady of Lourdes - Manila
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in the 1980's.

As history would have it, from an esteemed position of being one of the country's leading hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital underwent serious challenges wrought by modernization and technological advances. New hospitals were built and contemporaries pulled away in upgrading facilities and equipment. Balancing its missionary service whilst competing in an arena of increasingly aggressive Health Institutions, the SSpS community entered into a management and operation partnership with East Manila Hospital Managers Corporation (EMHMC), a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation.

For several decades and counting, OLLH remains to be a landmark in Sta. Mesa, Manila. EMHMC has directed the hospital towards Healthcare Service Excellence, hence, the creation of the Eye Care Center and Center for Therapeutic and Advanced Endoscopy. Further, Philhealth has awarded OLLH with Center of Excellence in Healthcare, in due recognition of the hospital's facilities, services and equipment that are above the standard in healthcare. Other notable improvements can be seen in the hospital's new logo and facade. In general, EMHMC has readily contemporized the hospital without losing the traditions of the warm holistic healthcare provided by the SSpS Nuns.

Our lady of Lourdes - Manila
The facade of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Incorporated prior to the turnover from the SSpS Missionary Sisters to the East Manila Hospital Managers Corporation.

Today, new President and Chief Executive Officer, Atty. Pilar Nenuca P. Almira enthuses that the Christ-centered legacy of the SSpS community shall certainly live on as it has been incorporated into the Christ-centered mission of providing affordable, excellent, integrated patient healthcare experience. Atty. Almira endeavors to focus on the delivery of an integrated Patient Experience and build OLLH as an institution with much emphasis on the hospital's corporate social responsibilities through our foundations and improvement of the hospital processes, structures and people.

Doing what's right for OLLH will lead to the realization of its vision to become "the standard of service excellence," as its "contribution to the healthcare industry." Essentially, building the organization with the right people, in the right structure through a cohesive work plan cycle will propel the vision to reality. Further, the guiding principles on excellent execution of policies and plans will make OLLH stronger and better prepared to reach new levels of healthcare performance, synergy and professionalism.

Our lady of Lourdes - Manila
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital - EMHMC proudly unfurls its new facade and new logo on its 63rd birthyear, ushering a new era in the 21st century.
Our lady of Lourdes - Manila


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